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SPTel is a joint venture between ST Engineering and SP Group and we are able to leverage the strengths of our parents to provide unique connectivity and digital services for our customers to become the digital services provider of choice.


We believe that the future network needs to be both reliable and intelligent for Smart Nation to be a reality. That is why we have invested in the nation’s first born-in-the-cloud network that will be end-to-end software defined with network functions virtualisation.


Our network is known for reliability and diversity because our unique fibre pathways combine leased SP Group infrastructure with owned fibre pipes laid alongside the power network cables. Our network structure also ensures your data takes the shortest possible route for optimal performance.

Adding to that, we have layered intelligence on our cutting-edge network to create a cloud-gen network that will change the way business is conducted. It will enable greater flexibility for businesses with instant quotations, network functions like bandwidth and cyber security on demand and provisioned within minutes. It changes the game with cyber security in-built with our connectivity for greater peace of mind for organisations.


This business class digital network is further enhanced with Edge Cloud Computing capabilities via our access to pervasive hubs to deploy MEC. SPTel’s award winning IoT-as-a-Service is one such solution that leverages this capability to perform analytics closer to the things, events and people for optimum device and network performance.

Choose SPTel for scalable connectivity and other value added services:


  • Business Broadband
    • SPTel Business Broadband provides a wide range of internet services from dedicated to best value with high-speed connectivity on a reliable network. Ideal for the enterprise and government sector, our cost effective enterprise-grade Business Broadband is reliable and highly scalable. Delivered over SPTel’s Programmable IP Network which includes full redundancy design and multiple upstream peering with local and international ISPs. With intelligence embedded in our network, we can provide Bandwidth on Demand or burstable usage plans to meet dynamic business requirements. This means you only need to size up your network for minimum monthly usage and turn on additional bandwidth as and when you need it.
  • Cloud Connect
  • Dark Fibre
  • Data Centre Interconnect
  • International Connectivity
  • Metro Ethernet
  • Edge Cloud
  • IoT-a-a-S
  • Managed Services

We think big and make bigger things happen. Together with preferred partners like A-Speed who share our vision for a digitalized network to support business transformation, we work closely to explore new ways to solve customer problems.


Come experience our signature reliability, redefined.




Watch SPTel’s CNA documentary “Home-Grown with a Digital Edge” here for more digitalisation use cases.

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