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At A-Speed, we believe technology should be a business enabler, not a burden. Combining our expertise with the latest technologies, we can deliver IT solutions that make it easier for you to manage your IT systems, reduce the total cost of ownership, and meet regulatory obligations.


To help you manage the complex task of finding, tracking and handling your organization’s hardware and software, we offer a range of highly cost-effective IT Asset Management services that will help you weed out unwanted costs, while also improving utilization and governance.

A-Speed IT asset management helps you add value to your business with a wide range of ITAM outcomes, including:


  • Discovering all end-user devices and data centre servers
  • Optimizing licensing for key software publishers
  • Controlling the growth of hardware and software in the cloud
  • Tape backup sent and managed offsite
  • Local disk replication to off-site disk
  • Live replication
  • Cloud solution for offsite high-availability


Whatever your needs, A-Speed’s ITAM services team delivers breadth and depth of expertise that simply cannot be matched in-house.


Contact us and never worry about managing your IT assets again.

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