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Network Modernization

A-Speed provides network design to best meet your IT planning and budget. Our network design approach focuses on high availability, resiliency and cost-effectiveness. We layer security protection components into the network design to ensure a secure and resilient infrastructure robust enough to support your business functions.

With the popularity of Software Defined Network (SDN) in recent years, A-Speed has worked with industry-leading manufacturers to offer Software Defined Access Networks — enabling network administration to be performed from a centralized management dashboard. A Software Defined Access Network supports business efficiency by:


  • Implementing business-specific policy for defined users and profiles
  • Ensuring consistent level of performance
  • Simplifying device deployment

Another key benefit of SDN is Network Assurance where threats can be detected early and monitored centrally, allowing for faster response. This feature can be enabled when integrated with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). 

A-Speed’s project deployment also includes cloud-managed network systems — where dedicated hardware and network management equipment are not required at the customer’s premises. Cloud solutions work on the OPEX model helping businesses to avoid high capital outlay of on-site hardware.


We support all forms of network solutions, from traditional networks to software-defined networks and cloud-based networks. Proposals are tailored towards your IT strategy to provide a secure, resilient and scalable network, capable of lowering your operational costs while supporting your business growth.


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