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Access Control technology has evolved exponentially over the last few years, providing end-users with solutions and analytics to restrict, control and monitor access to a property. With access control, building managers are better able to monitor their facilities and secure sensitive or restricted areas of their business.


Through well-established partnerships with renowned system manufacturers, A-Speed’s Access Control Solution assigns a unique identification to every person enrolled as a system user. Our system utilizes various means of identification ranging from PIN numbers to multi-tech cards and smart cards to biometric readers such as fingerprint and even facial identification.


Software and programmable control panels define entrances, times and rules of entry and/or exit for each authorized user or group. This information is then shared with the system’s control points for quick, dependable acceptance or denial every time a user requests to unlock a door.

Access Control Systems provide:


  • Staff and visitor safety through prohibiting unauthorized access to hazardous areas
  • Reduced losses through restricted access to valuable or sensitive assets
  • Comprehensive records useful during an event investigation
  • Simplicity versus the time and effort required in managing physical locks and keys

A-Speed provides integrated access control solutions that are custom engineered to meet our clients’ unique access control requirements. Our Security System Engineers have the necessary experience, product knowledge, and manufacturer training to work collaboratively with our clients to customize and engineer an access control system to meet your access control objectives.

Our Solution offerings include:


  • 2FA (Biometric facial recognition/fingerprint/card or key pin)
  • Advance technology such as mobile-enabled reader or contactless device
  • Support for different card technologies (PS SSID, MIFARE, MIFARE DESFIRE, MULTICLASS, HID iCLASS)

For more information on how access control technology can give you maximum control over your premises and perimeter security, give us a call or contact us.


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