Critical Response & Maintenance Services

A-Speed MANAGES for you.


We acts as your IT Manager to administrate your IT Infrastructure essentials, minimize compromises to unforeseen security threats and maintain system availability for business continuity. A-Speed’s suite of maintenance services are supported by dedicated technical teams that include 24/7 service support, 1800 toll free hotline, onsite/remote support, hardware loaner, coupled with a powerful ticketing system and knowledge management system that provides a platform for clients’ enquiries and concerns.

Leverage on A-Speed’s Vendor Independent Maintenance Services (VIMS) when your IT equipment hits ‘out-of-warranty’. You can now choose to extend the life-cycle of your IT equipment with A-Speed, coupled with the right components at affordable rate to achieve its full capacity.


A-Speed also offers a comprehensive range of managed services that aims to strengthen security, improve performance, manage compliance and better navigate regulatory challenges. To list a few of the managed services (but not limited to): Managed Firewall, Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Managed Log Management, Managed Email/Web Gateway, Disaster Recovery, Data Centre and Server Performance Management and more.

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