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The role of the Master Systems Integrator (MSI) is an essential element for a full harmonization of all building or subdivision networks, to ensure that intelligent building automation is both possible and efficient. As a Master Systems Integrator, A-Speed works with facility owners, project consultants, and major contractors to design and implement the best smart building installations.


As MSI, we manage the design, structuring, testing, and commissioning of the smart building’s secure network and system. With any building improvement that includes smart technologies, we help to reduce the life cycle and energy consumption costs, improve system management and proactive maintenance, and increase return on investment to achieve valuable results.

Our solution provides integration and interchangeability, making system maintenance of an installation much more cost-effective. A-Speed has been closely involved in the implementation of various advanced systems and solutions for years, and our customers have achieved the following major advantages:


  • Reduced long-term operating costs through a single network
  • Integration of pre-existing building hardware and software
  • Flexibility in a network infrastructure that can be adapted to the requirements of future users
  • Avoid purchasing unique proprietary solutions with a long-term customer ‘lock-in’
  • Ability to select a subsystem with the best solutions
  • Seamless integration of third-party smart technologies in new and old BMS
  • Improves building usability by improving efficiency
  • Manages the planning, testing, and implementation of the system’s centralized smart building network
  • Provides real-time data and visualization from a ‘single glass’
  • Translated data into real-time actionable information to positively influence energy and maintenance costs
  • Provides a 360-degree overview of the smart building environment
  • Access, plan and implement cybersecurity measures to prevent exposure of legacy building management systems, IoT, and cloud-based networks
  • Configure real-time monitoring strategy for legacy BMS, IoT devices, and cloud-based computer networks
  • Provide comprehensive risk assessment through regular audits and reporting, based on received data to improve the security performance of systems
  • Comply with IT policies
  • Open digital platform
  • Drive innovation and successfully design business strategies, such as e-commerce strategies to drive revenue growth to optimize for your business, maximize consumer revenue and improve services

A-Speed is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced master system integrators. What sets us apart from others is our in-house multidisciplinary skills in various areas – controls, instrumentation, M&E, IT, network infrastructure, virtualization, software application, structured cabling, cyber-security, data management and visibility as a service. We are adept at bringing different subsystems of components together into a whole, making sure the subsystems work well together to increase the operational value of a building and grow your business through our innovation. Either way, let us understand your goals and we will tailor what works best for you.

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