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DCIM Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Today’s data centres are more complex than ever before. Thousands of connections linking hundreds of devices, cards and ports sitting in racks and cabinets constantly consuming power. In this information age, data centres are the heart of every business — from small to mid-size enterprise data centres to a large cloud, colocation or hyper scale environment — data centre managers need strategic solutions to maximize space and capacity, manage assets, lower power consumption, reduce downtime, as well as plan and forecast for growth.

A-Speed is a leading Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) provider, helping data centre operations managers identify, locate, visualize and manage their physical data centre assets, whilst provisioning for new equipment and planning capacity for future growth.


Our DCIM solution helps control energy costs, improve data centre design, monitor server room temperature, humidity, equipment health status, air-conditioning workload and increase operational efficiency. Bridging information across organizational domains – Data Centre Ops, Facilities, and IT, we maximize the full utilization of the data centre.


By implementing our Data Centre Infrastructure Management Solution, we can provide data centre operations managers and their companies with significant operational and cost-saving benefits, today and into the future.

Our Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) key benefits include:


Improved Uptime
Constantly monitoring critical facilities, our DCIM solution polls equipment to collects trends and reports on data, looking out for threshold violations. With built-in alerts, you can react before failures impact users and services.


Improve Capacity Planning & Utilization
Quickly model and allocate space for new servers, racks, IT and facilities equipment. Manage relationships between IT equipment and critical facilities infrastructure in a few clicks with power and network connectivity diagrams.

Increase Data Center Energy Efficiency
Automatically collect data from Building feeds, IT loads, and non-IT loads for immediate calculation across all your data centers to ensure corporate energy efficiency initiatives.


Improve People Productivity
Reservations, moves, adds, and changes are easily accomplished through fully integrated and automated workflow management. Process assurance, tracking and audit trails dramatically increase employee productivity and morale.


Integration with Data Centre Sub System such as Building Management System and building security system through an open protocol such as MQTT, Web services, secured FTP.


Contact us if you have any queries or would like more information about our DCIM solutions.

Contact Us if you have any queries or would like more information about our solutions.

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